Croc and Brat

I did like the villains in this series, Croc and Brat - they were hilarious. Croc with his sour temper and plans always going wrong, Brat throwing hissy-fits and his spluttering speech!

I haven't watched the series for many years, but I seem to recall they had another sidekick as well (called 'Lizard' I think?), but he wasn't featured as much and was "nicer" (for a villain) than Croc or Brat if I rememeber rightly

Perfection is boring - flaunt the imperfection!


That's right. His name was Flizard (frog + lizard) and he was a lot more tolerant towards the Wuzzles. He was the character type "bad guy who isn't really bad himself, he's just loyal to his boss (Croc) who is a bad guy."