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Black Sitcom worthy of reboot

With the success of Fuller House and Girl Meets World, there has to be at least one black sitcom that's capable of a reboot. Here are some suggestions, and reasons why some would be next to impossible. Any thoughts?

Cosby Show - Highly unlikely due to scandal
Family Matters - Highly unlikely due to Jaleel White swearing never to play Urkel again.
Parent Hood - somewhat unlikely because not popular enough
Hangin with Mr. Cooper - somewhat unlikely, not popular enough
Martin - highly unlikely with incident between Martin and Tisha, plus with Tommy dead, you can't have the show return without all five players
227-nhighly unlikely, not popular enough and Regina King has many other projects
A Different World - Somewhat likely but might catch flack since Bill Cosby created it, although the cast still get along and made an appearance on Oprah recently, plus Debbie Allen still has a lot of pull to get it back, I'm just worried that people will try to connect it with Cosby to give it a chance
Good Times - Somewhat unlikely. None of the actors have been in the business for years. Ether Rolle is dead and James(the character) is dead.
Diff'rent Strokes - highly unlikely, sadly most of the cast is dead
Fresh Prince - Somewhat likely , even though the show was popular, Uncle Phil brought an element to the show and James Avery is dead. Could be possible if Will is willing to humble himself and return to sitcom acting.
Moesha - Highly unlikely, not as popular and Brandy couldn't stand Moesha
Girlfriends - Somewhat likely - there is a demand for a movie , but Tracee Ellis is busy on Blackish, plus there might still be bitterness from the abrupt cancellation
Steve Harvey Show - Merlin Santana is dead and Steve Harvey has moved on to a successful career so I can't see him doing a sitcom again\
Jaime Foxx Show - Same reason for Steve Harvey with the steve harvey show.
Sister Sister - most likely - the twins are still on the rader with cooking show and acting plus tim reid and Jackee are still in the business

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a) Girlfriends, "just" ended and it stayed on too long. And most of the actresses got tired of doing the show.
b) Good Times; very likely! Ppl have been waiting 4 decades. JJ Sr.,John Amos' character, died 2 yrs into the show.
c) Hanging With Mr. Cooper; likely. The 1st 1 was crap, so there's much 2 improve on.
d) Martin; agreed. Still too much controversy.
e) Sanford and Son; ?
Step By Step; The Olson Twins don't star in Another Step!