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Is it true that "There are no zombies, gore, sex, action, or acting"... someone complained on an earlier thread?

No. There’s a zombie resurrection ritual in the first 20 minutes with plenty of gore; later on two tourists are impaled in a jungle pit and someone else gets his head lopped off. That might not be enough for gorehounds, but it's inaccurate to say there's NO gore. As for sex, the movie opens with a naked couple in their hotel room who have further shenanigans in a boat cabin; another couple messin’ around in the nighttime forest is also featured.

As far as action goes, there’s enough for this kind of flick from the early '80s. In regards to the acting, the actors playing the protagonists Sandy, Joe, Paul, Steve, Connie and Mr. Whitney are competent enough. The problem is the unimaginative script doesn’t give them much dimension. Meanwhile the acting of the voodoo leader and the bus driver is admittedly bad.

While the specific complaints of this critic aren't legitimate, it's not hard to zero-in on what he/she really had a problem with:

Despite the horror elements, “Zombie Island Massacre” is, at heart, a survival venture akin to Adventure Into Fear #18 with the Man-Thing (1973); the story in this comic by Steve Gerber was called “A Question of Survival” and, like this film, involves survivors of a bus mishap traversing the jungle at night for succor. The key difference is that Gerber made sure to include engrossing human interest in his yarn while this movie unfortunately doesn’t. As a result, it’s tedious despite the great plot, authentic locations and decent main cast.

To be fair, the story does finally perk up in the last act.

The movie gets a 4.5/10 from me.