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Twist+Shout and Zappa are both very penetrating movies. Maybe because of my youth. I was 13 in 1963 the year the story evolved. The time The Beatles came into our lifes. That sexuality began to play an important role and all connected to it.
Adam Tønsberg is such a great actor. He only played in these two films and is into business now days. Would love to see him in more movies.But he chose a different way of life. I appreciate that. I have to thank him, Lars Simonsen and the director; Bille August for there great performances in 1983.
I give both films a 10 with super stars. And I hope Zappa and Twist+Shout will be released in Holland, because I had to buy them somewhere else in the world.

The films both tell the story of a young guy, his friends and girlfriends in a very sensible way and very recognizable. Sometimes I was watching with a secret tear in my eyes. It's also a coming of age movie and very good for young people; I think. It's about conflicts and feelings when you are young and not in control of the world. GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE!