Embarassingly Bad

Truly pathetic to see commenters who think this movie was funny. What complete crap. I was embarrassed to watch the first half hour, after which I promptly (and mercifully) switched channels.


We're very impressed by your elite tastes.

But you'd be getting much more attention on The Dark Knight board.

And your sister called, she wants her pantyhose back, if you're finished with it.

Never be complete.


If you were 'embarrassed' to watch the first half hour, then you are worrying far too much about what other people think.

Anyway, if you only watched 1/3 of the film, your opinion of it is completely invalid.

So it didn't meet your tastes. Doesn't mean it was bad, just that you didn't like the small portion of it you actually watched.

Never defend crap with 'It's just a movie'


Ok for those who think I'm a troll, I'm not. I loved Airplane and Naked Gun 1 and 2. But Top Secret is a disappointment.

Some have suggested the movie is funny, but the plot and the story line were inadequate. I disagree, there are too many jokes that fall flat, and the film feels a little bit rushed. I think it gets better in the last quarter, but by then it seems too late to save it.

The Jokes, the plot, and the timing are just not in the same league as Naked Gun and Airplane.


Good and I hope your tv blew up