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Stupid People try to explain

Wow, I can't understand how this SIMPLE CONCEPT can be so
confusing to anyone. But these brainiacs I watched on youtube
weren't exactly running on all cylinders.

So there are two ugly humans, one is slightly less ugly, the
uglier wears glasses and is fat.

So the more eye-pleasing one can't understand how Kyle Reese can be
John Connor's father, because he is only born after the war.
"Time travel is SO confusing!"

Look, for the purposes of this story, it doesn't even MATTER
that it's time travel. 'Future' might just as well be another
country or another city, it's basically just a "location where
two entities come from (but can't return to)". That's all it

It doesn't matter if Kyle comes from 2029 or Denver. There's
no 'loop', there's only ONE timeline (if it can even be called
that), there's nothing confusing.

From Kyle's perspective, he is born, grows up, falls in love
with a photo, then gets send to Sarah' location, they have
that whole adventure together, he dies.

From Sarah's perspective, a mysterious protector arrives in
her life, they have adventure together, Kyle dies.
From The Terminator's perspective, it's manufactured in a
factory, then sent to a destination to kill Sarah. It tries
hard, kills many, but eventually is terminated, and fails its

Everything is so linear, it couldn't BE more linear!
Even the timeline itself has no loop, it's completely linear.
1984 - Two visitors enter the city, and everything happens,
both cease to function at the end. Kyle puts John-seed inside

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While I agree that some people don't get the movie I don't think it matters how these people look.

I wouldn't say it wasn't a loop myself but think people try to use multiple timelines to explain what is in a sense a paradox so shouldn't make logical sense. If you accept that then it is simple but also clever