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Does anybody remember the pre-film donut shop days?

From the mid-late 70s up until gunter got busted for having all that stolen stuff in the basement of the donut shop. Does anybody remember 'the force' a so called gang that the runaways formed which made the newspapers in 1979?

I always thought this was the real heyday of the runaway scene downtown. By the time the film was made, MDA had started making its rounds in the scene and everyone was turning into junkies. I have contacted a couple of people from those days and occasionally run into someone from back then but I think most of them are dead or in prison, which is sad because I had a lot of good friends who were just confused wild kids.


We have an actual Facebook group that have many cast members from the documentary and people who were on the streets during this time. Myself included. Beth's group is for "FANS". Tiny, Justin, Biker Kim, Munchkin and many others are in the group 120 of us so far. If you were a street kid from back in the day please come join us. If you were not and are just a fan Beth's group is probably where you want to go. We are doing a reunion in August and are raising money to get a headstone for LuLu. (Lulu's niece is also a member of our group) Hope to see you there.