Lulu's death

After rewatching this film last night and reading some of these threads, I was interested in which cast member it was that was later killed in an arcade. The name Lulu didn’t strike a bell with me, because not all the characters are directly referred to by name.

I was sad when I found out that Lulu was the blonde lesbian who wore a cap! I guess it’s not surprising that someone that aggressive would end up in violent situations, but she seemed to be one of the only ones who had some actual values.

It’s also sad that the character who was stabbed was the sole gay person (as far as we can tell) in the movie. There’s the scene where the guy is flipping out on her on the street because she isn’t dressed in a traditionally feminine way, and it reminded me of all the extra crap gays and lesbians have dumped on them. I wonder if her death was at the hands of some homophobe like him.


EDIT: I'm also not clear on which character is Roberta, who was later a victim of the Green River Killer. I may have heard that name when a blonde girl was kissing Ratt on the street, while Tiny was trying not to look concerned. Is that her?


Roberta was the girl that hung out with Tiny and was trying to get Kim to agree to have Kevin (guy with black hair that smokes) as her pimp. That scene appears about 1/3 through the movie. At one point Roberta even mentions to Kim that she needs protection because people end up getting killed out there.


Okay, thanks. How did you figure out that was her? Is she referred to by name at some point?

I did think of that scene when I later read one of the girls was killed. Kim says something like, "I don't see anyone getting killed....if it happens. whatever. I don't really care."


If you look at the "victim" photo of her that is usually shown on sites about the Green River Kiler, you can see that it's her. I'm not sure if shes referred to by name. *Shrugs*


Ahh. I see. Thanks.


Lulu Couch didn't get home on Saturday either. She missed the last bus and had to wait until 6.30am to make the 20-mile ride out to Rainier Valley, where it was as empty and grey as any English Sunday. There she tried to get some sleep, curled up on a couch in the house full of 20 people. She was having rows that weekend with her new girlfriend, Olwen, a girl who had seen Streetwise, searched out Lulu and announced that Lulu was her heroine (much to Lulu's suddenly shy delight). Now Lulu kept going downtown without Olwen. "I had to tell her," said Lulu, "that two people in a relationship can't be together 24 hours a day. I need some privacy and time on my own."

That argument went down about as well as it usually does, and by the following Thursday Lulu had relented enough to take Olwen downtown with her. On First and Pike it was business, and boredom, as usual and the two girls went into a video arcade. They encountered some Hispanic guys who started hitting Olwen. That was a red rag to a bull to Lulu, who leapt in there with her usual mixture of temperamental bravado and genuine desire to defend the underdog. She didn't leap out again. This story began with a dance and ends with a death. Lulu Couch died of stab wounds received around 11.58pm on December 12, 1985. According to Seattle homicide detective Lieutenant Gray, "Thanks to extraordinary co-operation from the street people" he has a suspect in custody charged with second-degree murder. The suspect, as far as anybody knows, was also living on the street.



She does look a lot like Roberta from the pictures. But that girl's name is Erica. I've got to know this from a transcript which is available at the below given link

That transcript (incomplete) helps in getting to know the names of some of the characters who don't get called/referred on screen.

I suspect that Roberta appears at 41:32 to 41:41 talking to Tiny about memorizing an address for her. This scene comes right before Lulu is having an argument with a guy (William) who asks her to act like a woman.