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Sequel documentary being released this year (2016)

Seems that I watched Streetwise at exactly the right time, because I won't have to wait long to get an update. Martin Bell has made another documentary, focussed on Tiny and her family, which is having its premiere tomorrow at the Seattle Film Festival. I doubt that it will be shown in many more places, but hopefully it will end up online.

Here's the trailer:

It looks interesting; Tiny was the most engaging participant in Streetwise so I'm glad we get an intimate update. I also found the following two interviews, which give insight into her current life - from 2005 from last week

Sadly she continued on the street for many years, became addicted to heroin and all sorts, and mothered 10 (!) children - the oldest of which she wasn't allowed to raise herself. Unfortunately some of them seem to have gone down a similar route, with drugs and prostitution.  It's so hard to break the cycle: once you've had a shít mum you don't know how to be a mum yourself, so your kids fall off the rails and on and on it goes...Tiny is clean now though, so well done to her.

I’ll be waiting, with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.


Did the sequel ever come out?? I can't find it anywhere!