What an odd movie!

This movie is a real curio. It's muddled and preposterous in parts, but it still has some clever, quirky ideas, a little dark humour, and some imaginative murder sequences. Like a lot of Larry Cohen movies, it manages to look visually stylish on a very low budget.

Eric Bogosian is fun as always as the egomaniacal, psychopathic hack director (this is exactly how I imagine Eli Roth, the creep responsible for Cabin Fever and Hostel, in real life). And of course, it's worth it alone just for the all-too-rare chance to see the wonderful, late Zoë Tamerlis doing her thing. She doesn't get a chance to shine as brightly as she did in her iconic, mute debut role as Thana in Abel Ferrara's cult classic Ms. 45, but she brought great beauty, presence and talent to whatever she did and this is no exception.

Just thought I'd christen this film's board...


I'm a huge fan of this film. It's just so dark and twisted, with a fascinatingly cynical insider look at the more depraved aspects of the filmmaking process. Bogosian was great as the arrogant and manipulative Chris Neville. Zoe Tamerlis was likewise excellent in a demanding dual role. And that double whammy surprise ending was truly startling.

"We're all part Shatner/And part James Dean/Part Warren Oates/And Steven McQueen"


I gotta admit, I don't see what the fuss is about this movie. I'm generally a fan of all parties involved (especially Larry Cohen) but this movie didn't do much for me at all. The ending was exactly what I expected and the story was a muddled mess. It reminded me of a bad cocktail of Sugar Cookies (1973)(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070746/), Exposed (1983)(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085513/) and Crimes of Passion (1984)(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087100/), all of which I enjoyed more than this. (I guess if you're a fan of this one, be sure to check out those others too.)

Anyway, I like trash as much as the next cinephile but I just found this one fairly unremarkable. I gave it a 4/10.

A lot of strange things happen in this world. Things you don't know about in Grand Rapids.


Total piece of s h i t. Avoid!!!


I just saw this film and I must say I thought it was odd too. I barely like it enough, just barely, and I must say I think I am being slightly biased due to my love of Larry Cohen and the amount Zoe was naked in this film. But as much as I thought that the script was somewhat clever, and the cop who helps with the movie was funny, the rest fell sorta flat. Eric Bogosian is a terrible actor, and although I know he was mostly a performance artist, it really seems like he's not acting as much as performing speeches or dialogue. The scene in the restaurant was especially painful. Zoe was much more captivating as a mute, her voice sort of annoyed me in this movie. The direction did not seem up to par either, and I have enjoyed pretty much every Larry Cohen directed film I have seen, which is over half his work. The sets and the location were good, you can't go wrong with mid 80s New York City, but I left wondering if I even liked the film. I gave it a 7 out of 10, though I feel there was a pity point in there for cast (minus Eric) and director and location. Someone here mentions Sugar Cookies, which I unfortunately had to skip this week, Exposed, which I must say I didn't really like, and Crimes Of Passion, which is among my fave movies of all time. If you are looking for a sick, twisted, insane sex thriller, go for Crimes Of Passion, you should not be disappointed.

I have seen Eli Roth speak in person, seen him in interviews, and seen him on TMZ, and I must say he seems like a swell guy, someone who you could hang out with and talk about movies and chat the night away. Nothing like this creepy director character at all.


Really bad movie with a really ridiculous plot. The soundtrack was really distracting throughout a lot of the dialogue scenes, and the ending had not one, but two bad twists.


I thought it was horrible too. I recently watched it after reading a gushing review about it being a "hidden gem." To me, it was a Brian DePalma rip-off straight though.

After being introduced to the Bogasian character, I thought, ok, now I get it. This is a movie-within-a-movie. He's going to yell "cut!" at any moment and the "real" story is going to start. I got a knot in my stomach about 25 minutes through when I realized that was not going to happen and I was indeed watching the "real" story!

Lund's voice dub early on is horrendous. The awful, 80s-styled music (lots of electronic drum punctuation and synth) is extremely intrusive.

I like some of the actors here, like Bogasian, but it just couldn't save it for me. And to be sure, there is some atrocious acting in this film, like the boyfriend character. Lund's accent is also all over the place. I stuck this one out to the end, but was glad when it was over.