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Wouldn't the nerds be disqualified?

For putting something in the beer to make Takashi keep going, and the javeline?


Naa, this film takes place in 1984. People were not as sensitive and did not nitpick rules like they do today. If anything the nerds would have read the rule books and realized there were no rules regarding what type of javelin could or could not be used and if or if not someone could take a pill to counter the effects of alcohol.

Sadly such a Greek competition would not exist today.


The javeline, no. The beer scene was part of the comedy, at that time no one would have even thought of a pill to counteract the effects of alcohol. The nerds came up with a solution that no one would even possibly think about to write a rule against


How would they know


They didn't put it in the beer, they gave it to him before he drank the beer. I guess they hid it from the judges.
As for the javelin (correct spelling), maybe they didn't know it was a special one either. What mattered was how far it went.


If there's nothing barring it in the (probably very loose) rulebook, it's allowed by default.

Let's face it, this is a competition likely designed and coordinated by the jocks– which is why the majority of events are athletic, and why they've been able to win it all these years. The Tri-Lambs' were able to use their wits to outstrip them in the Charity and Talent events, but they would also need an edge in at least a couple of the Athletic ones too, so they used those big brains to their advantage. :)

The Festival is probably my favorite sequence in the movie BTW.

The war is not meant to be won... it is meant to be continuous.


That's a great response. The stupid council or whatever probably came up with it and the dean was a total pawn in the whole scheme of things.

Every challenge was designed to favor the jocks.

1) Beer Race: The jocks were constantly drinking, etc. Their tolerance was super high and body mass/fat absorbs alcohol better than a 140 lb Asian dude.

2) Trojan Horse: Seriously? Put a 250 lb guy on that thing and not easy for a bunch of non-muscle bound guys to get him off.

3) Arm Wrestle: Self explanatory although booger pulled a fast one.

4) Rope Pull: Self explanatory.

5) Javelin Throw: Best QB

6) Burp: Ogre, but they didn't count on Booger.

7) Carnival: Kissing a good looking guy/hot girls? Should be a lock.

8) Skit: The Jocks skit was stupid/lame but I think they figured they'd be well ahead by that point so it didn't matter.

That said, 1) It was a drug and 1984. Steroids ran rampant in this ages and nobody caught it. 3) Prob. disqualified. 4) Far fetched but kind of believable. I don't think anyone expected him to do anything so they prob. just let it slide. 6) Complete dark horse. Booger was a monster. 7) LOL nude pics. Guys probably didn't say anything and there was nobody over-watching it. If Stan had reported it he would've been mocked as a sore loser/douche and become the very thing he hated. 8) Skit, as said before, the skit was lame by the Jocks.. I think they just figured it'd be wrapped up.


I doubt they would do drug tests for house games.

It's that man again!!