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Harry Dean Stanton Dead: 'Paris, Texas' Star Was 91 | Hollywood ...

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Rarely a leading man, the Kentucky native was memorable in 'Paris, Texas,' 'Repo Man,' 'Alien' and 'Big Love.' read full story on Hollywood Reporter


"Bud" has left the planet.

Don't know why the IMDB rating is so low. Great cult classic.


For all the classics and memorable gems he starred in (his part in Paris, Texas is remarkable), Repo Man is the one film I always associate him with first. Apart from it being my favorite film (and possibly role) in which he starred in, there's just something so significant about that film to me. And Stanton is a big reason why.

Anyhow, seeing him in the new Twin Peaks was a great thing; a beautiful way to end his place in Lynch's world. Farewell to a great cinema legend. 🍽🍤