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This is a universal dillema that transends time

that's why when you "grow up", and realize that finding true love is very difficult, and then you see a movie like this, you realize this is a universal problem that is not limited to the 80's or any other decade. sure this movie came out in the 80's but its completely relevant today and probably any other time before and after. I am only 25 but I rented this older movie and I swear its pretty true. yes its pretty damn funny but it is probably one of the very few movies that deals with lonliness and being reluctantly single in todays world. simply put its just not easy finding love, whether your attractive or not. men have it tough because your literally have to do EVERYTHING to make the girl take interest in you, and the girls have it tough because they have to constantly wade through all the sleazy morons out there who simply want to sleep with them (and there are ALOT of them). its never been easy and people shouldn't take it too personally either.

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