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Maniac 2 - any experienced submitters?

I've got a couple of questions:

Is the german DVD release of this movie (with the title 'Maniac 2') completely uncut - including the full 'Night Caller clip', the chainsaw murder and the old woman?
If so, I'll order it right away. I hope it's not dubbed?

Also, could any "experienced submitters" submit 'Maniac 2' as an alternative title? I tried, but it didn't work!


this film has been released on dvd by troma (again!) under its original title "last horror film" this year, completely uncut, the disc is region free and loaded w/ extra features. its part of troma's collection 'tromasterpiece'.


I recently watched Troma's re-release under their "The Tromasterpiece Collection" and it is cut. At 3m 9s the original Last Horror Film title credit is missing and makes the music skip a few seconds later. That one's not too bad but at 22m 39s the throat slash scene is cut and we lose the blood squirt hitting the camera lens.

This might not be that big an issue for most but Troma have lied by labelling it the "Uncut Special Edition"

The only uncut DVD release is the region free German DVD from Astro.


"including the full 'Night Caller clip', the chainsaw murder and the old woman?"

Can you go into more detail of these scenes? There is a Chainsaw murder in the two versions I own, but the image is a little too dark to show anything to violent. So if there's an actual uncut gore version of the chainsaw death than I'm interested to know about it.

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This film was never called Maniac 2. Where did you find a German release with that title?

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