Best non HKL version?

last year I moved house and lost the disc from my Meals on Wheels HKL Platinum edition (blame former housmates who didnt always return discs to the right cases).
I now only have the bonus features disc, and this edition is now rare and pricey, so I wondered what the best idea was, to not spend so much money and have two special features discs. I can do without Bey Logan commentary because I have heard it and I dont tend to listen to them multiple times.

So I ask which other transfer of the film is best?

The mans tongue didnt come through customs!


i would say get the fortune star honk kong dvd the picture is amazing and has English subtitles but no english dub but it has a Cantonese DTS mix that sound amazing

stay well away from the American dvd as it is missing the van washing scene

you will have to forgive the lack of full stops lack of proper spelling im dyslexic but not stupid