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Considered to be the best (in Russia only?)

It's written on the DVD boxes here. This movie is considered to be the best in Jackie Chan's carrier according to that information. It is mentioned on the Russian film-net too. Can anybody give me reasons why? I can't catch those critics by the collar and they just say it as something self-explainable.
Glad to know your thoughts on the matter.

Regards from Russia


They probably say its the best because of that fight between jackie chan and benny urquidez towards the end of the movie they say its the greatest on screen fight ever put on film. So yeah I guess you could say its "one" of his
best movies but Miracles and Druken Master are probably his greatest of all time


I would not say the best, but some good stuff is here.



Must be something very wrong with me, but watched the movie today and haven't even "noticed" the scene (seemed like an ORDINARY fight to me). How can it be called "absolutely the best fight scene put on film" is totally beyond and above me.

I own you.


Well I can't say it's the best Jackie Chan action movie, but admit that the fight scene "Jackie Chan vs. Benny The Jet" rule!!

I know there's at least 5 alternate version of this film (Ive found only two of them so far) And talking about best JC movie, I'd say this would be Drunken Master.

Regards from Moscow:)


Good Afternoon, Mr "root-46",
I should mention that I dislike "Wheels on Meals" for a number of reasons (mentioned somewhere on Jackie Chan board). As to quite a number of other movies with Mr Jackie Chan - my favourite is "Dragon Lord" so far, where the final brawl keeps amazing me every time I watch it.

Quite glad that in our country a lot of JC movies were released on DVD. One of these days I discovered "City Hunter" DVD and, damn, was I surprised. The movie is a killer. Thankfully, it has the original soundtrack (not mentioned on the box). I still have to watch it from the beginning to the end - I have not been able to do it so far because it's too ridiculous.

Regards from Archangel