Unresolved plotlines

First, I have to say this movie is the epitome of the HK martial arts comedy-style Jackie Chan became known for. Yuen's last scene, where Keith Vitali kept trying to hit him, was sick, he was insanely quick. And Sammo's direction was amazing, as usual. And Lola Forner was incredibly hot, yep that too.

The two things I noticed were that the end got a bit rushed, the chinamen went back to their usual business and one has to infere that Sylvia and her mom became rich and started living in a castle or something. So the things that got unresolved where: what happened to David's dad? and what about his relationship with Sylvia's mom?
Speaking of that, whatever happened with the guys' crush on Sylvia? Does Sylvia feel something similar for either of them?
And regarding Moby, what happened to his boss? How did he got a promotion? What happened to the thugs his boss owed money too? What happened to his boss?

I know this is an action comedy film, and it is a really entertaining one, as it should be, but it bugged me a little the end was so rushed that many things ended unresolved. Still, this one is a martial arts comedy masterpiece and a true classic in its own right.

now this is acting: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2458172160/tt1528718