God, this movie stunk! But it was also one of the FUNNIEST films I've watched in quite a while. A grade school class could come up with better special effects then this mess. FULL of unintentional humor...
Trust me,



I fastforwarded through the whole movie and finished it in 10 minutes. Absolutely horrible.

Show me the holes!


"better than"

It's true, though, the special effects were special like those Olympics. Still, it was a little bit entertaining. There was lots of feminine eye candy, although not much more "exposure" than would have gone on TV. It really felt like a depressing episode of a cop show more than a full-on movie.

I give it 4 stars, mostly for the cute chicks. If you aren't into that, it's probably more like a 3. Stephanie Powers was tasty though; no denying that. Her playfulness was really charming. I suppose she sticks out even more here since everyone else was grumpy!