This is driving me nuts

I watched this movie on a ROKU channel, I forget which one, but this version had a similar opening but more special effects. Also, the killer talked more often. After he escapes from prison, he goes to the grave of his mother and talks to it.

None of these scenes are in the Netflix version of this film. Were there two different versions of the film?

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I'm not sure what version you got from Netflix, but I can confirm that the DVD I'm watching does have the scene where he talks to his mother's grave.

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I think there are more than two different versions of this actually. Multiple names too.
I watched this on Amazon Prime video, which is different from the Netflix version. Both of which are different from the dvd of it I didn't realize I had, called 'Invisible Strangler.'
These multiple versions happened quite a lot back in the grindhouse era, but this one has even more versions than normal back at that time it seems.



"After he escapes from prison, he goes to the grave of his mother and talks to it. "

That was in the version I saw right now.


Theres a version out there where he simply turns invisible and wanders out of the prison.It plays more like a police story. The later version gives more back story to the killer and gives him more dialog. I believe there is an older looking version and possibly a version where they shot additional footage.

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The picture was filmed in '76 and released by Cougar Films in '78 as "The Astral Factor." The producers, apparently deciding they hadn't wrung enough money out of it, took it back and reshot the entire opening prison sequence (minus about two shots) in '83. That version (recut and rescored) was released in '84 by Seymour Borde & Associates as "Invisible Strangler." That's the cut that was released on home video and played on TV back in the day.

I'd like to think most people who've seen both versions can tell they are different. Frank Ashmore was the only actor in the scrapped section of "The Astral Factor" who returned to do the reshoots - and he got fat in the hiatus.