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Frustrating plot decision (mild spoilers)

Toward the end, Jack barges into Samantha's apartment and more or less manhandles her until she falls onto her table, in a heap on the floor -- in front of her young child -- resulting in lacerations and a giant bruise. I understand that some battered women will protect their abusers, but 1) these two had no relationship to speak of, 2) he represents the corporation that is trying to buy her building and eject her and her club, 3) nothing about her character in previous scenes suggests that she would "take" such a beating without any sort of fight. Not only does she not press charges, she does nothing to out Jack as her assailant (denying to her friend and boyfriend that anything is wrong), stoically powering through the marathon while clearly injured by the very man in the room responsible both for her attack and the possible closure of her club. It's only by the accidental timing of her boy's testimonial, overheard by Steve, that a comeuppance is in store for Jack, albeit through violent retribution that itself doesn't even expose Jack's villainous, cheap shot. The story then hurries to its romantic conclusion without any further redress of Jack's crime, nor of Samantha's pitiful non-response. That smug POS deserves jail time or at least a hefty financial penalty.