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Going back in time to leotards and tights

As a direct-to-video romance story, HEAVENLY BODIES is a snapshot in time when aerobics was all the craze among women and with it all those skintight leotards, danskins, and shiny pantyhose tights. It's a feast for the eyes for all men.


Sometimes I hear leotards are back in style. To me they never go out of style. I like the way they look on a hot body.


what are danskins? I loved the outfit that one girl wore with the cutoff tanktop and basically panties, now THAT was sexy. I also loved that one outfit that Samantha wore at the beginning with the pantyhose, oh my gosh that was sexy.

if this was really a direct to video movie then oh my gosh this is amazing because it doesn't feel cheap or unprofessional at all, in any way. it's so professionally handled and feels just as quality as any big screen Hollywood movie made about something like aerobics back in the '80s.

and it's so inspirational and powerful. it keeps you entertained all the way through, which is more than I can say about half the Hollywood movies coming out nowadays. Hollywood sucks nowadays.