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why is everyone getting on Janet Eilber?

Patty Hansen was waaayy worse- white trash character in this movie. Her accent and attitude were just plain gross. At least Diana was a classy girl who spoke with intelligence, AND was educated. She was a pretty lady too, and had just as great a body as Nicky(Patty)even tho she wasn't a model.
In reality both women are very attractive, but Nicky's character- ahh...DAMN awful, couldn't stand the way she spoke!
Also sad Rick doesn't go on much about this movie in his autobiography- only mentioning Keith Richards being jealous of him, and Patty Hansen - no other characters talked about or how he got along with them. Not even a mention of Janet- maybe they didn't get along? He did say he earned $1.5 million dollars which is why he did the movie in the first place.
Shame it didn't stay an R rating, would've done so much better if the scenes and actors lines weren't cut out to make it a PG rating. Probably trying to accommodate a younger crowd of fans, which was a mistake- we grew up!