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are there any Springfield lovers left....

hey now, every Tuesday night after I get off the late shift, I turn on the TV and watch the late movie on Bravo and last week I came home and found Hard To Hold and faster than you can say Tony Bennett, my eyes got glossy and my knees went weak. even though the movie never did well back then, it still remains one of my most guiltiest pleasures ever. If any knows where I can find the original trailer for it, I would be so happy; all I remember was the end part with Rick pointing his guitar in the air.

thanking you in advance, Mazie the 80's child forever and always.


Of course there are still some Springfield lovers left!! And I'm one of them. In fact I just saw him in concert last week promoting his new CD! He still rocks!
Yeah, Hard To Hold maybe wasn't very well received back then, but that doesn't stop me from lovin' it! It was recently released on DVD and I'm pretty sure the trailer is included.
I know you posted this a few months ago, but just came across this board.....


oh my goodness, I've been so wrapped up between the Whose Line and Six Feet Under threads (among others) I had forgotten about this thread. I just bought a CD of Rick's songs with a couple of songs that have never been released. I'd like to find the song The American Girl, I heard it last night in the movie Private School, which came out the summer before Hard To Hold. I had some really cool pictures of Rick but sadly my mom got into my room and accidently threw away the book. I never really forgave her for that and been searching for some other shots of him but at least I still have my 16 Magazine scrapbook full of teen idols from the '50's, '60's, '70's and early '80's if I do find any I'll keep you posted. ;)


Ok, I've never seen Hard to Hold, but I'm definetely a Rick Springfield fan!!!

If you want some pictures of him you can go to this website:

Kys og Kram The Danish Chick


You can also see some current stuff on his official site or
There are a ton of other sites out there dedicated to him too, just type his name in any search engine.


Hey! Wasn't sure if I'd get a response since the original was from a while back, but glad you're still out there. The American Girl is on "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet", don't think it's on any of the compilation CDs out there.
Have you had a chance to hear the new CD, shock/denial/anger/acceptance?
I know the feeling the same fate came of all the pics and posters I had too! My husband and I collect some music memorabilia and stuff so have replaced some of it and added some new stuff. Is there anything I can help you find?


no, not at this time...I'm a sucker for nostalgia and that's so true in the case of my latest finding...the very first episode of The Incredible Hulk and the eppy with Rick Springfield will be on my channel next week it's called The Apostle and it's from season 2.


I am too, but still like the more recent stuff also. I caught that episode a few months back on the sci-fi channel. It's a good one, hope you enjoy it!


hey now, caught "The Disciple" (not The Apostle)Wednesday on Dejaview and I loved it . almost makes me wish I wasn't gonna erase it tonight and for what..Four Rooms. :(


Hells yes I'm a Springfield lover!

I never knew who he was until I watched that show on VH1 called "I love the 80's"

On one year...I think 1981 they did a clip just on him about his music and when he used to be on General Hospital. Right away I fell in love...I mean I'm a huge fan of past music and movies but just something but his songs made me smile thinking "Wow this guy can really sing." Also all the women on the show kept screaming how how dam good looking he was...and I for one have to agree...I mean come on, That dark hair and those hazel eyes...drool...

So a few months past and he always seemed to stick in the back of my mind until this fall when I bought out of no where his "Greatest hits" CD...right away I was in love.

His songs were so kool and up beat, I loved them all...and yes even Jessie's girl.

So I bought six more CDs of him over the past year and went to all his sites learning more about him and his music (If anyone knows when a rerun of General Hospital with him in it comes on...tell me!)

Soon I found photos of him and even that cute dog of his and I became a trye blue Rick fan.

Just this month for my birthday I went to see him in Concert for his new CD.

Man was I nervous! But once I saw him jump on stage I gasped saying "He's no 56 year old! He looks 35!"

He aged very well and still rocks, I never saw so many people going crazy(counting myself!) His new CD rocks and he did an awsome job and for the rest of my life I will remember what a great time I had and what a loser I looked in front of my friend when I started to cry in the parking lot when I had to leave.

I might of been Friday the 13th...But Rick still kicked a-ss.

I love his new Cd and now I'm trying to get more Rick stuff...If he ever comes around again on tour I hope to see him again and get front row! (Fingers crossed!) Maybe if im lucky I can fight and claw to the stage and touch him (drool)

But hey when he jumped into the crowd I stood a few feet away from him and I could of sworn he smiled. :)

I just orded Hard to Hold off line and I can't wait until it comes in the mail! I heard it isn't the best movie but if ur a rick fan ur sure to love it since he looks extra hot in it, the music is great and he shows his a-ss!

I'll have to tell you all what I think.

Rick goes down as the best singer/ song writer of all time...he still rocks and has great style, I wish him the best and I think the choices he made in life were great!

I just hope I'll be able to see more of his Tv work!

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I still love him, too...and the movie, I think, is very underrated. I enjoyed it alot as a kid and consider it a nice piece of nostalgia now. I still remember this girl in elementary school who used to see all his concerts with her mom and they'd wear the T-shirts and stuff...I'm definitely a child of the 80's...teehee...

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Oh hell yeah! I am a HUGE Rick Springfield fan! I can't believe he is 56 years old! WHOA! I'm a bit young (32) to remember him on General Hospital but I've always liked his music.

As for "Hard to Hold", I know that it didn't do well in theaters and was out in like 6 weeks, but I LOVE that movie! I got the DVD and it is also my guilty pleasure. I watch it all the time.



I've been fan of Rick's since he was Dr. Noah Drake on GH...and had the sound track to "Hard to Hold"...and loved him in the series about the cop who was a vampire...the name escapes me.

He has a great voice and gives a wonderful concert.
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he was my first celebrity crush!! I loved him!!!

But he has not aged well at all!!!

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Loved him in the '80's, love him today!! He's a great singer, extraordinarily handsome, and he seems to have a terrific, friendly yet modest and down-to-earth personality that I really like, so many "stars" come across as obnoxious but Rick seems like a really terrific guy.

reply I the only guy on here? lol! Rick freekin' rules! I was a metal head in junior high and high school...But I always loved Rick. He has a raw rock energy about him, and his songs have great hooks!