Soundtrack search continues

Hi all,

I've been trying to track down the soundtrack and I've made some headway but I've decided to stop for now. Anyway, I'll leave here what I have found.

1) So it seems that the band responsible for the "punk" parts of the soundtrack is the Japanese band The Roosters, but they weren't credited for their work on The Crazy Family. This is according to this page:

In particular from the above page, note from the 1984 album (google translated):

"Walkin 'In The Space" is the song that had been washed away as the opening BGM in the live of Roosters of around 1984. It is also said to someone in the cover, but the truth is unknown. In addition to a different take is recorded in the "Birth Of Gel" (1986 years) later, seems to have also been used in the movie "The Crazy Family".

I have also see other Japanese websites list the music as being 1984, implying that perhaps the entire album is the soundtrack. So FINDING 1984 by The Roosters might be the key.
2) There also seems to be an OST LP for the film, the track description can be seen here:
3) Here is another OST album, presumably a single release.
4) The song the daughter sings in karaoke to her grandfather, and which plays over a montage, is called Adesugata Namida Musume and is sung by Kyoko Koizumi.
5) These are some song's I've found on Youtube, of varying quality. Sorry if someone's already found these:

Ending Theme:
Film clip of father running back from work.
Film clip of "Erika's song"
Opening titles/ Photograph montage - with vocals
Another version of "Erika's song"
The music for the "Battle Royale" scene!

It seems certain to me that the punk songs come of The Roosters "1984" album, and thus the goal should be to try and find this album, which unfortunately seems to be one of their rarer ones.

I have backed up all of the above links and videos, so if anyone can't access it

I might pick it up again soon but I'm exhausted for the moment. Enjoy!


I've posted notes from DVD for another Sogo Ishii movie, Burst City, on its IMDB page. There's also band «1984» mentioned, which you've thought to be an album.

This CD is the soundtrack album that was released along with «Burst City». Four groups contributed to the songs in this film: The Rockers, Takanori Jinnai with the Battle Rockers, and a group credited as «1984». While passionate fans of the film may be upset, we have decided to only include songs from The Rockers and Battle Rockers..

1984 was another band created solely for this film, but most of their contributions lay in the sound score. Members included Ikebatake, Hanada, Yuusuke (guitar), Inoue Fujio (bass), and others. They displayed another side of The Roosters, but their edginess in sound was completely different. In the film, Ikebatake's «Soldier» and Inoe's «Solo» and Hanada's «Kicks» showed us very imaginative innovation in addition to instrumental tracks one might typically find on a soundtrack album.

Incidentally, under Ishii's visual direction, the members of 1984 continued to work event after the film was completed. We saw examples of how they used tape effects and others experimental sounds in their music, but their sound also brought on a slight ethnic flavor... that is what most fans remember the most. This is yet another example of what Ishii wanted to accomplish by «having a viewer experience with the whole body».


Thanks for the info!