Who here is Canadian?

I saw this movie on First Choice / Superchannel (like Canadian HBO) around 1986 making me 12. I loved it. It was one of the movies added to the rotation for CanCon reasons mostly I assume but every kid I knew at the time loved it.
I never ever say this either but this one flick I prefer dubbed, it wouldn't be the same with subtitles.
Every time I see a snow fort I think of this movie and how it set the bar impossibly high for snow forts. Glad this movie hasn't been forgotten and that people from other places have seen it.
What about a remake in English?


I'm Canadian and remember this movie from my childhood. Someone on Facebook just reminded me of it and now I'm sad. Now THAT is an effective film.

I really don't think this movie needs to be remade. It still holds up. I think CBC or CTV should buy the rights and play it every Christmas ala A Christmas Story.

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