Not Bad

when i watched it i wasn't expecting much but it was actually pretty good. look for friday The 13th 2's Lauren Marie Taylor


It was okay, could have been a lot better though. I liked the story, and Hal Holbrook raised the acting level, but the gore was minimal and there was a total lack of nudity. What's that about? I want gore and boobs in my slashers.

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Yeah, it was quite tame in the T&A and gore departments. Still, it was decent and the ending was hilarious.

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I own this film on ex-rental and its under the name "Scaremaker".I think its quite fun to watch accept for that ending!!!




I'm in the middle of watching it now...Not alot of T&A? And the title is 'Girls Nite Out'? And the DVD is under Media Blaster's 'Guilty Pleasures' line?...That's deceptive. I guess the "guilty" part would thus be refering to watching the tall guy, 'Maniac', try to act wacky and fun loving. Is it just me, or are he and his Kurt Russell look-a-like cohort way too chummy? 'Maniac' makes the character 'Wild Man' from 'Final Exam' look like an accomplished comic relief actor. I thought they meant "girls" nite out in the literal sense, but so far it seems to be figurative of these two guys. Did the casting call for these guys read; "WANTED: Two drooling, ambiguously gay losers who will act for cocaine"? This movie really needs to stop establishing these two characters. I don't buy them as whacky and fun loving. The director is just wasting film that could have been recording boobies.


Okay, 'Maniac' just got faced by his, ahem... "girlfriend", and I haven't seen him since, so I'm assuming he's the killer, and someone appears to have wisely told Kurt to tone down the "whacky and fun loving". This movie does have alot of familiar faces, though. Julie Montgomery is hot and doing her best to keep the movie from dying like a diseased, starving rat - Wisely cast as a sorority girl. I guess since I've already seen her naked in 'Revenge of the Nerds' I can just think about that to substitute for the nudity I haven't seen so far in this film. Hal Holbrook is always cool, and his son ('Fat Stuff' from Creepshow 2) is doing a pretty good job as the nutty red herring. And of course, it's good to see Vicky from 'Friday the 13th Part 2' again. Okay, I'm about to start the movie again... Wish me luck.

Dammit, you didn't wish me luck, did you? I just restarted it and Kurt Russell's alread trying to be cute while talking to the cashier... AGAIN! God, didn't they think this was agonizing enough the first time? Jesus, I need a valium for this. Waitress, I'll have what Kurt Russell's having! Okay... I'm going in, and really wish me luck this time!

...And what's with the soundtrack? Okay, I like "Summer In the City" by the Lovin' Spoonfuls too, but they're playing "My Baby Does The Hanky Panky" while this girl is checking her mail! You can't do the Hanky Panky while you're checking your mail! That sort of thing simply isn't done. Oh, wait. Kurt Russell's hiding in the student post-office and talking to her through the mail slot. I get it... that's "wacky". Hah-hah...ha...Can't really do the Hanky Panky to that, though. Forget 'Hellraiser', THIS movie is tearing my soul apart! ...Roll tape...

Wow, even though he just killed an extra that I'll probably miss once the main stars come back, I gotta admit, the Bear Suit Killer (BSK) is pretty freakin' cool.

Yep, I miss her and her cute friend already. Kurt's back. "Wine is great for those...special occasions". I think what the director's doing here is basically telling the audience, via Kurt Russell, that they're going to need alcohol to finish this film, so I think I'll have a drink.

Much later...

So, you wanna end your movie like that, huh? Okay, bite me. So it was the CASHIER all along. Boy, I'm glad she was WELL established in those earlier annoying scenes with Kurt Russell. Actually, though, the bear suit scenes were very creepy! Bravo. That scene where he's walking towards the girl in the attic was hella scary! "We're gonna have fun together..." That was awesome, but the cashier at the cafeteria? Come on... Okay, I guess they did ACTUALLY give us at least ONE very clever visual clue early on with the photo of Dickie they show at the party, but still... the cashier? A bag boy killer, I can see. Not a cashier killer. Not a total waste of time after all, though. The bear suit kills were great, at least. I think Kurt Russell and 'Maniac' should have been dubbed by two English speaking actors. Y'know, two voice actors, just for the hell of it.

I'll give it two and a half out of four skulls for creeping me out, if only a bit. Though having no T&A with this title borders on false advertising. Still worth a look, just be sure to turn out the lights and stop talking when the bear shows up. He's beary scary... And be sure to watch the Julia Montgomery interview on the DVD, complete with her recollections of the wonderful "fart" scene and even her thoughts on 'Revenge of the Nerds'. She's still hot, too. Take us to MILF-Town, Julia! Oh, WE'RE GOING THERE.

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I first heard of this movie last summer while I was shopping for new DVD titles. I remember picking up the DVD and somewhat remembering once seeing a killer dressed in a bear suit, so without thinking I picked it up.

I have to say, this movie at least tried. There are a TON of slasher that were made in the 80's...and most of them fall flat. I mean don't get me wrong this isn't a classic, but a fun movie to watch at best. I thought the plot with it taking place on campus while their having the scavenger hunt was new and different. I liked the old school 1950's and 60's music always playing, and I gotta tell ya...the ending as Psycho themed as it was, really scared me.

Sure it could of been MUCH better, but I still think it's a fun slasher.

Who knows, their remaking every film out there...maybe one day someone will take a "stab" at remaking this one and try to make it better.

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Yeah it wasn't too bad. I mainly watched it for the gorgeous Lauren Marie Taylor and the great Hal Holbrook who was awesome as always

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I thought this was a solid entry in the collegiate slasher sub-genre. The murders were quite bloody and brutal. Moreover, the ending was both creepy and surprising.

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I expected it to suck the first time I watched it because I'd heard so many bad things about it, but when it was over, I was like "Did I see the same movie?" The murder in the locker room still gives me shudders... something about the grumbling voice of the killer and that goddamned animal suit. It's scary. I don't know why, but it is.