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This film should be remade/rebooted

Bronson and several of the other cast (Ferrer, St. Jacques) are irreplaceable, of course. And Joseph Maher was truly the perfect Moloch. But I think it would be worth drawing on the core idea of seeking vengeance against a Moloch-type character for developing a great modern-day story.

The original film suffers from an overbearing soundtrack, some cheezy editing (that final sequence showing the miners' faces interspersed with cuts of Moloch's looks of horror makes me cringe, it just goes on and on and on), less-than-convincing acting by Theresa Saldana (who is unfortunately saddled with a ridiculous character), etc.

It also seemed that it was just too easy to catch Moloch. Holland didn't ever face enough of a threat. I'd like to see a film in which Holland's character was somewhat more realistic and less cartoonish.

One of the problems, though, if a film like what I am talking about were made today would be that if serious filmmakers went about making such a film, and got a decent amount of funding for the project, they would ruin it by casting too many well-known actors. I think one of the things that made Maher and Bower so good in their roles (for American viewers) was that they were pretty much unknown to audiences. If you were to cast someone like Ralph Fiennes as Moloch, which is the way Hollywood thinks today, it would completely ruin the role.


if the remake is good I am all for it. the problem is Hollywood today is bad at remakes

Rob Zombie is one of the greatest directors today


God job summing up what was wrong with this movie, adding the woman could had been better looking for the gratitious nudity, something sorely lacking in today's movies. Its a solid story deserving a remake