Can you tell me about it?

I havent seen this film.
But I want to see it because Wil Wheaton is in this.

Does he play a big part?
Is this film good?
What is it about?

Please help me?




Actually Wil Wheaton is just Susan Sarandon's son. He actually tries to hook his Mom up with Richard Dreyfuss.

How can you not know Wil Wheaton? He was the main kid in Stand By Me, Wesley Crushner on Star Trek: TNG, and has been in a buttload of other movies.


I just saw this movie this morning on AMC. Never heard of it before today, but tuned in because it was announced as having been Wil Wheaton's first film. This is a really good movie, and I was saddened to find out that it's not on DVD.


Nope its not on DVD. I bought it on VHS and wanted to see wil Wheaton and I am honestly not disappointed....
Wil is Susan Sarandons son, is in it for the whole movie, and he's is the 3rd most important character. He's *too* adorable, altho he over acted a but lol

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