Sex or no Sex?

The scene direclty after the Turbo-hospital dance sequence, Kellys father walks in on Kelly and Ozone in her house.

1. They are both sitting on the floor eating cold pizza, presumably ordered the night prior (note that the pizza is over half eaten and looks to be of Hawaiian ingredients).
2. Kelly's hair looks extrememly disheveled (also note the color "pink" of her clothes and her shirt which appears to be held on to her body by only two threads at the shoulders).
3. Ozone has no shirt on and his pants are unbuttoned and unzipped with his belt flung carlessly across the coffee table (note the diet Pepsi nearby).

1. Did they just finish having mad-hot 80s sex, but the scene was cut out in order to keep a PG rating?


2. They are having a completely 100 percent innocent morning pizza party?



oh it was most definitely a post-coitus pizza


Their romantic relationship is somewhat vague in both films.

Even at the end of EB, you see Kelly dancing intimately with Strobe while Ozone is off-screen dancing somewhere else.


I agree ...

Although in Breakin (1st movie) trailer they try to make it look as if something is supposed to happen between the two when she walks into his room and he's shown in another segment lying on his bed.

Same with situation with Franco (i.e. Breakin was attacking her but it gets brushed off just as such. When it could have came off as rape).

Think this movie was more in line of PG versus the 1st one due to the showcasing of all these kids hanging out at Miracles. While the first one was more about a feud between teams (i.e. fight w/out actually touching one another) and same regarding a romance (i.e. minus the physical showing ... besides the kiss they give near the end).

Far as OP comment regarding the scene at her place. Was more about them being comfortable around each other, where he felt he could go shirtless (perhaps to avoid sauce stain) and unzip his pants to breath (see Married with Children's Al Bundy as reference). Of course for viewers it was meant as lead way for her father to assume otherwise


I didn't think they had sex. A lot more could have been shown without having to worry about losing a PG rating.


Although I don't think they did, I'd like to think that they did because I'm a romantic and that seems to be the only bid for romance in the movie between the two.