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I feel like people have been referencing this movie a lot lately

And unfortunately I can't think of a single specific reference to back me up, but it seems like this movie gets mentioned pretty often these days. Anyone notice that? Like, anytime something is happening for the 2nd time, I'm seeing "_______ 2: Electric Boogaloo." Fill in the blank with just about anything.

I had never even heard of this movie until recently, and now it seems like it's referenced all the time. Is it having some sort of resurgence?

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Very true. I don't think it's such a recent phenomenon, but the Electric Boogaloo thing is very much a saying. I think it's because it seems like such a ridiculous title for a sequel - so it has become something of a shortcut way of referring to a silly, unnecessary sequel.

This is also the only reason I know about this movie. Was looking it up because I keep hearing it.


I know it's waaay late, but it's still used today, though not as often. It's become a slang term for any sequel that's silly, stupid, or unnecessary.