Please Help!!!! Songs!!!

My kids all watched Sharon, Lois and Bram. There was one song Bram sang that has stuck in my head for years....
It went:

"Won't you bring back
Won't you bring back
Tripple garlic chowder?
It was tuneful
Every spoonfull
Made you yodel louder!
After dinner Uncle Ben
Used to fill his fountain pen
From a pail of tripple garlic chowder!"

and there was more verses....

Anyone know the episode? The title? where I can get it? HELP!!

"Why has he got?"
-Harry Bennett Jr. August 2005


It was the one where Elephant gets her library card. I love that song too LOL

"There was ice cream cold cream string beans soup beans jelly beans submarines floating all around; sponge cake beef steak mistake stomach ache cream puffs ear muffs many to be found; silk hats door mats bed slats alley cats cowbells doorbells beggin' you to dine; meatballs fish balls mothballs cannonballs come on in the chowder's fine!"

My friend and I sang that song at camp XD I think it's also called "Mrs. Murphy's Chowder."


Hey Harry,

Yep, I can help you :)

The episode this song was from is titled "Library" from Season 3..
It was released on video along with the Reversal episode...
thet title of the Video is just Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show Volume 2... by Columbia House Pictures..

It surfaces every now and then on Ebay..
there is one copy of the video on
If you go to this link.. the video is available there:

Hope that helps...