Help with song

I have posted a subject on this bored about a song I was looking for from this show. I found out the song was done by Kate and Anna McGarrigle and had these lyrics.

"If you have a baby
You'll have to sit and rock it
And never leave it in a supermarket

If you have a baby you have to sing it lullabies
all the time lullabies, louder than the baby cries."

If anyone knows the name of this song and or where I can find it that would be great.


This is an old question, but in case you're still looking...

I remember this song because I remember my mother laughing at the line about singing lullabyes louder than the baby cries.

I found a youtube clip of the scene

I've poked around online and so far I can only find the song connected with this Elephant Show episode. The first verse is all about elephants and the rest is about having a new baby so I'm wondering if they actually wrote the piece for the episode of the elephant show since it seems like a rather unlikely combination for a song not inspired it.

I don't think they ever recorded it elsewhere but if anyone can tell me I'm wrong, I'd love to know about it.