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HELP bring the 80s series to DVD !!

There are so many versions of Mike Hammer available on DVD, except for the classic 80's show that had a short but great run. Unfortunately it has never seen the light of day on DVD and a lot of people are looking for it.

One way to get the ball rolling to get this classic show released onto DVD is to go straight to the source and let them know you want it. Go to

Scroll to the bottom of the page and under "About Us" click on "product suggestions" and let them know you want to have the 80's Mike Hammer show on DVD. Consider all the crap that gets released on DVD. This was a great show and Stacy Keach at his best with the character. If they don't know there are people who want it, it won't get released.


CBS doesn't own the show.
The estate of Mickey Spillane probably owned the rights. The original 24 episodes of the 1980's version are by far the best.