Spillane and Chandler?

I know I couldn't have just imagined this, but I swear that I recall one episode of Stacy Keach's Mike Hammer that was a re-working of Raymond Chandler's "Farewell, My Lovely," done with a black supporting cast.

I can picture the large, black actor who played the Moose Mulloy part, but I can't think of his name. The plot revolved around a crooked rock 'n roll mogul, I believe.

Combining Spillane's characters with Chandler's plot seems impossible (though intriguing) from a copyright standpoint, but in fiction, anything can happen.

Does anyone else remember this?


It's "HARLEM NOCTURNE", from season 3.



Thanks, profh-1; I knew I didn't just 'dream' this episode. I still find it strange that Chandler's name is not listed in the writing credits, since the basic storyline is from "Farewell, My Lovely," with the detective changed from Philip Marlowe to Mike Hammer.

Go figure.


Another "FAREWELL MY LOVELY" tribute was the feature film "LADY IN CEMENT", with Frank Sinatra as Tony Rome. Dan Blocker (BONANZA) plays the "Moose Malloy" type character, and he's looking for his missing girlfriend, but, the story manages to go in a different enough direction to be fairly original, and in many ways, a lot more entertaining that its source inspiration. (For one thing, as the film goes on, Sinatra & Blocker's characters actually become friends!)

Also on hand is Raquel Welch... who, with her physique, would have been right at home in a MIKE HAMMER episode.


Yes; now that you mention Lady in Cement, I remember it. Blocker, I believe, carried a Model 1911 .45 caliber, and Sinatra carried a snub-nosed .38, allegorically identifying the difference in their respective characters' stature.