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Miami Vice Revival Idea

Billy Crockett is stuck in the past a bit. He remembers the 80s fondly despite not having a good family life. He loved the music and fashion of it all. He remembers his dad coming, trying to be supportive. Now, he clings to it because that's what keeps him going.

As a detective now, he wants to keep Miami safe and protected. Mind you that he has lived in Atlanta for a good chunk of his life since his mom moved the family there. He moves back to Miami to where it all started for him. While in Miami, he becomes a veteran detective at Vice over the years.

Then comes in Ricardo Tubbs Jr, when he was 18, he went looking for his real father, Rico. So, he does eventually find him and reconnects with him. Rico tells his Vice stories to his son and that's what inspires Junior to go do that himself. Junior goes through the police academy to become a cop. He goes to New York to discover his roots where Rico started. Time goes by and he circles back to Miami. This is when Junior appears at Vice and gets paired up with Billy. Billy is the veteran to Junior being a rookie, but together they become fast friends and start working together to become the perfect partners in the force.