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Hunter, Miami vice, Magnum and Walker Texas Ranger

Just for fun and see what most people think

Your favorite character
Thomas Magnum would get my vote

Best action including gun or fist fights?
I'll take Walker Texas Ranger

Which partners or team had the most chemistry?
This is a really tough call but I have to go with Thomas and Higgins

Which character had the best one liners?
Hunter would be the funniest for me

Which character would you want helping you in a fist fight?
It's hard to go against Walker

best opening theme?
Miami Vice but I think Magnum had the best theme song

Best pilot?
Miami Vice

Best series finale?

Most iconic?
Being objective. Miami Vice should probably take this

How would you rank these 4 shows
1. Magnum
2. Walker Texas Ranger
3. Miami Vice
4. Hunter


Did anyone besides Walker ever tell a kid he has AIDS? Walker wins.

You have many question, Mr Sparkle. I send you premium -- answer question, hundred percent!