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Why do US box sets of their own classic TV series suck so much?

Just picked up the German digipak releases of Hunter seasons 1 to 3, and they are awesome. Beautifully presented, gatefold single size packs, with episode guides, and really nice design. Episodes look superb, and feature the original soundtracks and music. And it just strikes me as really weird how foreign territories treat these classic series with such greater care and attention than the US. There was Tour of Duty which as well as not having any licensed music in the episodes, didn't EVEN have the iconic Paint it Black title as music, Quantum leap which had the wrong end leaps tagged on the end from repeat broadcasts, and was missing countless songs (I know the R2 version still has some substitutions in season 4, but the rest are as was). And then for Hunter we get a terrible cheap chinese bootleg style collection with discs that are all over the place, some don't play the quality is so bad, and when they do pretty much all music substituted out. Why can't the US give it's classic TV some of this kind of love that the UK and Germany do?


"Why can't the US give it's classic TV some of this kind of love that the UK and Germany do?"

LOL really ? So then tell me why such classic's such as Minder,Only Fools And Horses,Only When I Laugh to name but a few suffer the same fate,replaced music, why Sky TV have stated their once flagship show Dream Team will never see the day of light on dvd due to cost of having the music in it. TOD was released back in 2012 after another company bought the rights to it with the music in it,but the first release was like the one you are talking about.


Not in the UK. The UK releases of TOD had the proper soundtrack from the off. It was the US release that had all the music removed - just like Fall guy, equalizer, Hunter, TOD, Quantum Leap etc. Just odd how outside of the US these classic series are given far better treatment. What music is missing from only fools and horses? Sometimes I can understand them removing one or two tracks that would clearly demand ludicrous royalties (like Led Zeppelin, or Beatles or something) but it seems in the states they don't want to pay for anything at all. Miami vice being the exception.


US is greedy?! It's all about money that's why a lot of big corporations get corrupted and politics as well it's really sad actually


Massive oversimplification.

If the costs of the music makes it impossible to turn a profit of course they won't do it. Would you if you would lose money?

I think the main reason is differing copyright laws. It may be much cheaper to get music from the US liscenced in another country, in some cases they might be able to get away without purchasing rights at all.

For example my brother lives in Panama, and most everything video related complete bypasses copyrights altogether. It's all bootlegs of some type or another. So if it's available there its pretty much as seen on tv.

Holders of the rights to various music may think well if it's for sale in the US them we can ask more, and make it to difficult for distributers to not just lose money. Our even just to risky that they might.

I am guessing distributing old shows poses considerable risk. It has to be difficult to have a good idea of how well shows like this will sell. Kind of hard to know how large of a cult following there is for long canceled shows.

Keeping costs of things like music, packaging, dvd options etc. down allows smaller dristibuters to take a risk and at least bring a show to the market, where otherwise you might not get it at all.


Would you if you would lose money?

Sure I would, if the show was worthwhile. Not everything in life needs to be about making money. Sometimes losing money in exchange for doing a service for the good of humanity is worth it.


The employees and distributors of these shows deserve to feed their families too. Only people who can afford to give stuff away are people who steal.
That is why people are saying many are bootleg copies.