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The true discus story is better than the one in the film (spoilers)

Sloane’s knowledge extended only as far as those striking ancient statues in museums of athletic young men coiled and ready to unleash the discus. He suggested that Garrett find an image of one of the statues and use it so a local shop could develop a discus, or something close to it. The regulation discus is made of wood and metal and weighs less than 5 pounds. Garrett’s homemade discus was made of stone and weighed nearly 25 pounds. Practice with it? Garrett could barely lift it.

So imagine Garrett’s surprise when he got to Athens and was working out at the stadium where he found a regulation discus, the 4 1/2-pound version! He took some practice throws and figured “what the heck”—he would enter anyway. The story of how he triumphed—adjusting his motion, speed and release as he went along, and surpassing the rest of the field on his sixth and final turn—is one for the ages.