Shushila - Sneh Gupta

My favourite character in the entire story (both book and miniseries) was Shushila-Bai, the younger half-sister of Anjuli. Although she is very selfish, a crybaby and quite cold-blooded I liked her because of the excitement that she added to the storyline. It would have been boring if it wasn't for Shushila to let Anjuli, the female heroine of the story, suffer a little and make life a living hell for both Ash and Juli. But in the end Shushila was just a lost young woman who, despite her faults, was simply tragic and could not escape her fate to burn on her dead husband's funeral pyre.

Sneh Gupta is an extraordinary beauty!!! At least she was on "The Far Pavilions" for I do not know how she looks like these days. But still she is very skilled and I think that she was the perfect choice for the role of Shushila who, in my opinion, got a raw deal in the miniseries and she could have had a larger appearance in it.

But nevertheless "The Far Pavilions" was a masterpiece of television entertainment and Sneh Gupta did a sparkling job as a spoiled, selfish and wicked young Rani.


Agree. I'd have liked her to have had more screen time.