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Suttee procession and Shushila's 'ram, ram' mantra

Does anyone have a source recommendation to learn more about the suttee sequence, specifically the dialogue? I have read the historical accounts online, but how authentic was the spectators' chant? Sounded like 'Salim Allah he nay ho'; anyone know the exact phrase and what it means? And why was Shushila chanting 'ram, ram'...what did it mean in that context?
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cj: just noticed your unanswered question while reading the Boards for info on this series (now available for streaming on Acorn online). there is a Board here at imdb where you can get answers to impossible questions. (I had one a few months ago about a Brit detective series, and someone answered it in 24 hours).

It's called 'I need to know':
I think it's at:

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That mantra was a mantra to Rama, the hero of the Ramayana and the avatar of god. She is in other words calling for his protection. In Hindi the ''a'' at the end of Sanskrit words is dropped, so Rama becomes ''Ram''. I will check out the other chant of the spectators, I do not remember it.

EDIT: Can't make out all of what is said, but the spectators are saying phrases like ''maharani'' (great queen) and ''jai ho'', which is a term that means ''victory be!''.

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