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Duty free Series/Episode Dialogue

I am looking to buy my daughter a DVD of the above show.
We had a video of Duty free when she was aged about 4/5 she was born in 1980. She adored this video and watched it that many times she could recite the dialogue word perfect.
However, I do not know which video it was, I am fairly certain it was not a full series, so it might have been a speacial edition.
The only dialogue I can recall is "I knowa a placea where we cana goa"

I have looked on all the usual sites for this DVD or video and ask the same questiopn of the sellers, but none know the episode or sereis or speacial this dialogue comes from.
Can anyone out there help me identify which episode this dialogue comes from

Please, please please.

From desperate dad



I don't know if you resolved your issue but the whole series is now available on DVD for about £15 from play. For that price, you may as well get her the lot. :)


I'm sure after seven years you have found the DVDs, but if not you can get all three series from amazon.

I watched it too when I was a child and still enjoy it on the DVDs.