Favorite Season

Which is your favorite season?
Season 1 with the girls in school,living with their father,and visited by Patricia Richardson...
or Season 2 with the girls in college...living with Aunt Margo,and those two "funny boys"?

Frankly,in my book there is no comparison.Season 1 hands down.Particularly the last 3 episodes of season 1.They focused on the girls at school,with classmates,and Kate was wilder than ever.
I was glad when the show returned,but I was less than pleased with the situation they put them in,and the co stars they had to work with.Mr Arreccia? Boring,and dull.Allison's classmate? Phoney accent(she would later star in "The Heat of the Night"). The "funny boys"? Not so funny.Aunt Margo? She should have stuck with playing Mrs Barney Miller (Barbara Barrie).
The strange thing is,with Double Trouble being teamed up with Facts of Life,ratings at the very end (the last couple airings)were very excellent.Any network looking for a show to keep would have had to look no further than DT,however,by this time,NBC had already decided to pull the shows plug.I bet there was some talk internally that they had pulled the show prematurely,while it was getting good viewership...yet,those in power had decided already the girls would not return.



I have to agree with you Paul-308 that the first season was the best season to watch because I thought it was great with the father being in the show and then when they added characters and subtracted characters the show totally changed. I liked it with Aunt Margo and the two guys who were funny because at that time with the second season I was turning 13 years old.

I had a huge crush on both Liz and Jean but it would be difficult because when I was that age I was hooked on both of them and that would have been double trouble for me! LOL They could have redone this show with the Olson twins you know and have both Liz and Jean work on the show but now that is too late to do.

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