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The tragic downfall of 80s heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent tthrob-Jan-Michael-Vincent-Recovering-alcoholic-admits-s-lucky-alive-r ight-leg-amputated.html

bloody hell unrecognisable or what, I thought the new look on Rene Z was bad enough


Well Jan-Michael is 70 now...and what I read. One child...and married. All the movies I seen Jan-Michael in. Well he was ok in the suspense movie with George Peppard"Damnation Alley".. But most of his movies stinks. By my opinion. Jan-Michael is one of the worst actors. Not sure how he was able to keep making a living as an actor. He had a serious drinking problem when he was on Airwolf. He would be in his trailor drinking and knockout. He wouldn't come out of his trailor for days. And the production on the set had to wait for Jan-Michael to get over his hangover. And he had an attitude problem with some castmembers...and others on the set. Jan-Michael always thought he was the star of the show. Which in fact airwolf was. But the only person always had a good attitude was Jean Bruce Scott...and Alex Cord...along with Ernest Borgnine. The producer almost fired Jan-Michael a few times. Wish he had. I was in love with Jean Bruce.


I've read about his antics whilst filming Airwolf and i've been watching carefully to see if he appears drunk in any of the episodes or hungover and it's hard to tell. He does seem drunk at the start of episode 18 of season 3 and there are various times when he seems to be struggling to open his eyes which i presume is a hangover but his performances don't seem as bad as i've read.


It is his own fault. If he had looked after himself he would be in much better shape. An elderly friend of my family (who is almost 85) looks a damned site better than JMV.

He got Airwolf cancelled and I cannot forgive him for beating up his girlfriend. Nor can I forgive him for trying to sue the paramedics who saved his life.

As for him being a good actor. I thought he did a decent job throughout Airwolf's first season and wasn't that bad in The Mechanic and Hooper. I hate Bite the Bullet with a passion (due to the cruelty to the horses) and he has been in some real stinkers such as Extro 2, Red Line and Sins of Desire. So his acting to me can be mediocre.


Yea know what you mean it is his own fault, Yea I thought he was alright in The Mechanic and Hooper as well.What other TV shows did you watch in the 80's CavalorCumano


I watched LOTS of 80's stuff. I might forget some of them, but off the top of my head:

The A-Team



Knight Rider

The Fall Guy

Quantum Leap

LA Law

St. Elsewhere

Street Hawk


Star Trek: TNG

The Golden Girls

'Allo 'Allo! (which was a British sitcom based in a small French village during the French resistance).


T. J. Hooker

Sledge Hammer


Alien Nation

Tales from the Crypt

Blue Thunder

Cagney and Lacey

Midnight Caller

Magnum, P.I


What did you watch?


that is a very good list I know all of them, off the top of my head




80's update versions of :Alfred hitchcock presents, Twilight Zone,

Amazing Stories

Beauty+the beast

Punky Brewster

Out of this world

Small Wonder


Friday the 13th

Only fools and horses

Red Dwarf

Then Wonder years

Black Adder

The Bill


London's Burning

Max Headroom

Perfect strangers

Head of the class


The Simpsons

A Very Peculiar Practice

The Young Ones

The New Statesman

My secret identity


Tales from the Darkside

Super boy

Ever Decreasing Circles


Inspector Morse



Family Ties



Call to Glory

The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

Falcon Crest

The Cosby show

A Different World

Hard time on planet earth

21 JumpStreet

Miami Vice

Designing Women

Knots Landing

The Wizard

Freddy's Nightmares

The Hitchiker

Murphy Brown

Spitting Image

man called Hawk

V[although first 2 were mini series then had TV show] probably know anyway

Highway to heaven

The Equalizer

Misfits of science

Growing Pains


Crazy Like a Fox

Full house

Dempesy and Makepeace

Hill street blues

Who's the boss

Married with children

My two dads


The Gemini Factor

Running Scared

Night Court

ST Elsewhere

Jake + the fatman

Big Deal

Just good friends

Aliens in the family


China Beach

Fresh fields

Danger bay

Benji: Benji Zax & Alien Prince

Children of the Dogstar

Narnia series

Brush Strokes


Grange Hill

Children of the Dog Star


some of my list lol some of TV shows these are combo of US/Canada and some from UK including some kids shows that were on when in primary school! where are you from I'm in UK in Kent 45 mins from London



Shame on you, you heartless degenerate animal. Not everyone is as fortunate as your 85 year old friend of the family, nor does one's mistakes or life choices justify the what happened to Jan-Michael Vincent.

Alcoholism and drugs abuse are a disease and unfortunately for JMV he never received the timely help he needed, and that no doubt played a hand in his past relationships and the troubles with his ex-gf.

But on top of all that you ridicule him for suing the paramedics, as if he should be so grateful he should look the other way. He had every right to sue if the help he was administered was done improperly. It's like saying patients can never sue doctors for malpractice because the doctors were trying to help. That's hogwash and you know it.

It's just disgusting that you would callously scoff at this man's misfortune. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Nor does anything he did justify that misfortune.

What I don't get is if you hate JMV so much why are you even here on the message board for Airwolf commenting about him?

Clearly you have nothing better to do than to revel in the loss and pain of others.

You're a miserable little human being (a term I use very loosely), no doubt unhappy about your own life's circumstances and you're just laughing at someone worse off than you.

At least though that's something JMV has over you, he has someone who loves him. I doubt the same applies to you unless you count a miserable pet and houseplants.



First of all, alcohol and drug abuse are SELF INFLICTED 'diseases'! NO ONE forces you to down a bottle of vodka, nor does ANYONE force you to pop a needle in your arm. JMV would no doubt have known the risks BEFORE doing any of those things. Alcoholics and druggies deserve no sympathy. They are the types that inflict untold misery on their friends and families when they CHOOSE to destroy their minds and bodies with booze and drugs. They are also the types that KILL innocent people when they get behind the wheel of a car or some other type of vehicle while being so intoxicated that they aren't even aware of what's going on around them. In fact JMV did that and broke his neck in a crash that happened because he was drunk. Thankfully it wasn't an innocent person that got hurt. The reason he looks old and haggard is because of his lifestyle CHOICES! He has no one else but himself to blame for that.

Additionally, NOTHING can justify the beatings he gave his wife and girlfriends. The beatings he gave his wife included breaking her ribs and smashing her face after she questioned him about his womanising. In addition to that he kicked a future girlfriend in the stomach while she was pregnant. How the hell can you condone that kind of behaviour? Besides how would you feel if a female relative of yours had been abused like that?

When he was on Airwolf, he verbally abused a child guest star with Down's Syndrome. He also held up production many a time and then got the show cancelled because he couldn't keep himself clean. A lot of people were put out of work because of him! He was also offered help during the show's run, but he refused.

You really must have a warped perspective of life if you think such a person is to be admired. You also called me an 'animal'. Well guess what we are all animals and that is an irrefutable scientific fact!

As for my 'miserable' pets. I have two dogs and at least they are in possession of much better temperaments than the likes of JMV and you.


"Unbalanced of power" more like.
don't hold back anyway.
What a twat!


How is that heartless?
Is the world really that *beep* up with all this political correct *beep* and being a wuss who's deadly afraid to speak his mind? I don't get it.

It's just the simple truth: The guy could've been a star but he *beep* it up all up because of drugs and alcohol. It's nobody's fault but his own. Same with the car crashes. You don't drive when drunk, you don't get in the car of a drunk person. That's something "celebrities" apparently never learned.
Beating up anybody is bad and "I was drunk, i didn't know what i did" is a *beep* non-excuse. Abusing somebody you claim to love over a long period of time is something what, as you call them, "heartless degenerate animals" do but not normal human beings who were properly raised.

The guy is like a mediocre version of George Peppard: Got a good role and then immediately *beep* it all up on drugs and alcohol. The difference is though that Peppard wasn't so *beep* up they had to cancel the A-Team because of it and of course, he was able to clean his act up considerably, unlike Vincent who for the past 15 years comes across like a pathetic crybaby. Like he's totally innocent about the stuff that happened to him


He was considered very good looking by girls of the age. I remember some really old interview that suggested he had something of a problem that he thought that people thought he was just a "pretty boy" and that this led him to a lot of risk taking to prove himself.

Probably not something people would understand today.