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does String die ?

I havnt seen the whole of season 4 but is string mentioned again?

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There seems to be different opinions on this, but having seen a few of the Season 4 episodes, I would say that no, String doesn't die.

To review (spoiler alert): in the first episode of Season 4, Dom (as played by an obvious stand-in for Ernest Borgnine) was killed off in an explosion. String is injured in the same explosion and spends the rest of the episode in a hospital room. When he and St. John are reunited, String says that "he doesn't want to die in this place," and St. John says "don't worry, you won't" (or something to that effect). Later, the new (boring) company man who replaced Archangel arrives at the hospital room and is surprised to find it empty. When St. John later reappears, he explains his absence by saying "there was something I had to do." We never see String again, although St. John does refer to him a few times throughout Season 4, always (as far as I can remember) in the present tense.

Some people seem convinced that String died in that episode, just because he isn't seen again. I think it's more likely that St. John simply smuggled him out of the hospital and brought him back to his cabin so he could recover at home. I also suspect that they were leaving the door open for a future cameo by Jan-Michael Vincent, but since Season 4 was the last, they never had the chance.