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Adding this, now wonder who will see, and maybe have a thought to add or

I have some memories of watching Airwolf and Knight Rider and not a very long or lasting show called Automan (right spelling I hope). Was hatched in summer of 74, and thought it would have been interesting if they had done a special with Knight Rider and Airwolf and Automan teaming up for something.

Being female some of my female friends thought whats his name from KR was the best, with couple liking the car, course most of my male friends loved the car, the actual car, me, I wanted Kitt, the car eh, Kitt in say a 40s what I called a bubble type car or maybe couple of the early 50s (can and have rebuilt cars without all the computer tech of modern, though, yes Kitt would be tech but still...). Having Kitt and the Airwolf, (learned to fly, just cant afford to now) together would have been very interesting combo, then having them communicate with Automan...yes, I know, have a strange imagination.

Airwolf, well the 3 seasons, 4th season, that is just a different show, least felt that way, though think I liked it if separate and/or call it a spin off ? Oh well, re watching it for first time since saw rerun yrs ago. There is something to the 3 seasons and how the actors played their parts well, just kinda sad how Jan Micheal Vincent s life has gone, so much sadness pain and drowning in drink and drugs...far to many go down that road with those choices made....Sorry, did not mean to be preachy

Live life to be alive...and may your day be well or find one thing that gives you that little extra, even just a 😄


Nah. The crossover they should have done is with the A-Team. Just try to imagine HM Murdock flying that chopper. It wouldn't even need any actor crossovers, just AirWolf itself.