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excellent series but....

...they should've called it a day after series 6.


Perhaps it got a bit repetitive towards the end. 'Also didn't like how they changed some of the actors. But I liked the characterisations even more after season 6. And to me: More episodes = More laughs.


They should have called it a day after Hans left. Or at the very least when they changed the actors who played Bertorelli. God the second one was AWWWWWFUL!


Yeah I hated the Bertorelli replacement.

The silly hair, over the top facial expressions and the hammy delivery of "What a mistake-a to make" chatchphrase. A terrible decision.


should have ended it when herr flick left. his replacement just wasn't the same


let's not go to camelot, it is a silly place


I don't quite understand how they could have such excellent casting and scriptwriting originally, but then never quite reach that level of excellence again.

Hans and Maria were great characters in all possible ways, they delivered.

Bertorelli is just annoying, Crabtree is just annoying and Maria's replacement is just completely cartoonish, unbelievable and crazy. All characters rely on repetitive gimmicks instead of well-written character traits and personalities, like Hans and Maria did.

Crabtree and Bertorelli are the type of cartoon characters that are funny a couple of times, and then become incredibly annoying when repeated over and over.

The show just wasn't the same when they removed the goodness and brought in garbage. Von Smallhousen? What the heck is that character supposed to be?

Herr Flick is funny and quirky, even weird - but he's still always believable in a dominating Gestapo role, you really know everyone is afraid of him, every time he is on screen. But who the heck would ever fear a cartoon character like Von Smallhousen? Even the name is really stupid.

The dynamic between Herr Flick and Helga works beautifully, but when you add a cartoon character like Von Smallhausen into the mix, it loses its balance, and doesn't quite work anymore.

It's like someone wanted to ruin the whole show by just bringing all kinds of 'weird cartoon characters' in it, instead of keeping at least some semblance of 'realism' intact. It was a bad decision, and for me, the show jumped the shark after Hans and Maria left, and all these cardboard cartoon characters rolled in.