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Anyone else feel that Fanny/Mama should have been a bigger character?

I love the show but I find that the parts where I laugh the hardest are always when Fanny (Edith's mother) is onscreen. Yet she is seen only briefly in every episode I have seen (I'm working my way through the 9-season boxed set and am currently on season 4).

Does anyone else feel she should have been given more lines/made a bigger character? Also, what is your favorite moment of her in the series? Mine is definitely when Edith is on the mission with Rene and she takes over the singing at the restaurant ("Mama...not the dance of the virgin peacock! Put those feathers back on!")



i think she was seen a lot considering that there was only so much they could do with someone with restricted mobility and hearing faculties. i would have liked to have seen a bit more from her but am happy that she was in it a fair amount regardless


let's not go to camelot, it is a silly place


I like mama and ze flashing bedknobs. But I don't honestly think that her part could have been built up more in any way.

I liked it when mama did get downstairs and cleared the café in seconds with her singing. Not even Edith had managed to do that.