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Fav and Least Fav Character?

There are so many characters in this that I love most of them, but everybody must have a favourite and a least favourite. Mine are

Fav: Herr Flick
L FAV: Mimi Labonq


Favorite: Herr Flick

Least favorite: Maria


Favorite: Flick, Hans, Rene

Least: Michelle from the Resistance....


Fav: Edith

Least F: Herr Flick or LeClerc


Favorites: Herr Flick and Crabtree
Least favorites: LeClerc, Madame Fanny and Smallhausen


Favorites: Fanny, Edith, Rene

Least favorite: Officer Crabtree


i love the helga and herr flick duo! but i think my fav is gruber by far!
least fav edith and maria

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my all time favourite is Crabtree, good MOANING, i have bad NOSE (or whatever)

dunno about the least favourite, Michelle prolly

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Favourites: GrĂ¼ber, Crabtree, Capt. Bertorelli (with Gavin Richards), Gen. Von Klinkerhoffen, Mr. Leclerc (with Jack Haig), Mimi, Herr Flick
Least favourites: Maria, Edith, Yvette, Michelle

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Favorite: Hans
Least Favorite: Maria


Favorite: Captain Hans Geering
- Clap!

Least Favorite: Herr Otto Flick
- Too predictable


Favorite: Captain Hans Geering, Officer Crabtree

Least favorite: Mimi Labonq ...she had some of the stupidest and creepiest facial expressions ever

Along with least favorites, I definitely did not like the replacement actor of Captain Bertorelli (Roger Kitter) ...he looked weird with the afro and did not have the charm of his predecessor ...definitely could not say "what-a mistak-a to make-a" with the proper tone and facial expression

Ernest LeClerc (brother of Roger) was terrible too... never should have been part of the storyline. Was not funny and was useless.

Michelle's "I will say this only once" started to get a bit old, but she was pretty funny overall.

I have yet to finish Season 9, but I hear Flick is replaced with a terrible actor

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