The dollar deal????

has anyone hear herd of Steven King's dollar deal??? i read if you adapt one of S.K.'s short stories (from a certian book - i forget witch one) he will sell you the rights to it for a dollar!!!!

Can anyone give me any info on this??????

i also herd thats how Frank got his start, with this adaptaion.


The dollar deal is applicable to any of King's short stories. The films made from the deal must only be short films, you must supply King with a copy of the finished product and I don't think they can be released commercially.

I'm not sure if the Dollar Baby deal was established when Darabont made "The Woman in the Room" or if it began because of him.


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he doesn't sell you the rights to it either, he just allows you to adapt it. He still control the rights to it. And you can't make one that king has sold the rights to.


We just got the contract back from Steve to adapt "Suffer the Little Children", which will begin shooting this August.

Yesterday, we auditioned Mickey Faerch and her son Daeg Faerch for the lead roles. They got 'em.

Stay tuned.