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A bit of fantasy and a request for recommendations

As a child I occasionally fantasied about how wonderful it would be to bring the ego-maniacal Adolph back to life through scientific means, strap him down in a cinema and force him to watch a number of films - starting out with The Producers, then To Be or Not to Be, and then wrapping it up with the British sitcom Heil Honey I'm Home. In between I fantasised forcing him to watch Schindler's List and the docu-novel Holocaust, along with various historical clips of the suffering he caused. I hadn't had this memory for decades until the original To Be or Not to Be recently appeared on the BBC. I suppose now, since I'm still in that fantasy I would love to add the film 'Downfall.' Thankfully I've grown up now - Danke Gott!

Are there any other films that so creatively and passionately make the penile agenesistic little Führer out to be such a bumbling buffoon as those made by the Venerable Mel Brooks? I admire Mr Brooks for being able to encompass so much pain and annihilating its source with bullets of ridicule and humour. Danke Mel Brooks!

Fr B+

קאָרמען אַ מענטש מיט געלעכטער און ער וועט לעבן אויף אייביק!